New Projects

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click on image for fullsize here is my latest project,a 33 coupe.
the modelling was done entirely with
blender 2.23.

here are some detail shots of the suspension,and engine,wich i am still modelling!

click image to enlarge as you can see,theres a lot of chrome,and alot of details to finish.the best way to get convincing chrome,is to use a base reflection image,combined with 2 yes 2 environment maps,ill get into that in an upcoming tutorial.

click image to enlarge i used alot of subsurfs!and alot of imagination,all of the modelling came from my mind,no rotoscoping or pics.hint,if you want good reflections on glass dont subsurf use autosmooth.

click on image to enlarge heres a shot of my super charger.i havent done a render with the car yet but its getting there!

a slightly different perspective.this project is ongoing and i hope to add more soon.
enjoy blenderheads!!rixtr